What about computer sales for OVC & DSL Staff (only)?

What about computer sales for OVC & DSL Staff (only)?

As computers are retired from use in the OVC/DSL, OVC Desktop Support will prep several to be made available for staff to purchase each month. This gives staff the opportunity to purchase a computer that may suit your home computing needs, though it has been retired from MIT administrative computing use.

Please bear in mind that the task of prepping computers for sale is a low priority for OVC Desktop Support. Computers are prepped for sale when OVC Desktop Support staff have the time available to dedicated to this task given their other higher-priority tasks and responsibilities.

Based on previous sales figures, we will only have approximately 4 PC’s and 4 Mac’s per month available for sale. These computers will be the most recent models we are retiring.  In most cases, these computers are only 3-4 years old, and in good condition.  Laptops will be made available as they become available and we have time to prep them.

On the first working day of each month an inventory of the available computers will be posted on our home page. See Retired Computer Sales list (for OVC/DSL Staff only).

If you are interested in purchasing one of these send email to compu-squad@mit.edu. Computers will be sold to staff on a first-come, first-served basis after the announcement of available computers has been posted. We are are unable to take reservations for computers that may be available prior to the announcement.

Purchasing Process

If you are interested in purchasing one of these retired computers:

  1. Send email to compu-squad@mit.edu expressing your interest. (Please do not call staff about the availability of computers for sale.)
  2. You will be contacted to claim a computer. Please reply within 3 days or an offer will be made to another individual.
  3. Only the computers we have previously prepped will be available. You may not “claim” a specifc computer (i.e. “Can I buy ‘my’ computer?”)
  4. Upon notification of an available computer, you need to complete the transaction with the MIT Property Office and pick up the computer within 1 week – no exceptions.
  5. From the moment of purchase, OVC Desktop Support has NO responsibility to or for the computer. A certain number of diagnostics are performed on the computer before we put them up for sale, however we will not be held responsible if the computer has problems once it leaves our office – no exceptions.