Access Control (Administrative Rights)

OVC Desktop Support and your department IT Liaison have Administrative Rights to your computer. 

Our access may not be changed nor removed.

Department IT Liaisons are responsible for acting as the “gatekeeper” for the computers in their office.  Should a user need something installed or changed that requires Administrative Rights, it is the IT Liaison’s responsibility to determine if the installation or change is in the best interest of the department’s business.

Administrative Rights are not provided to end users. 

OVC Desktop Support has installed specific software to manage OVC/DSL computers.  Our ability to access your computer may not be altered, deleted or changed in any manner that would prohibit our access to OVC/DSL computers.

MIT Policies & Procedures Interference with IT Resources

Members of the Institute community should not take unauthorized actions to interfere with, disrupt, or alter the integrity of MIT’s IT resources.  Efforts to restrict or deny access by legitimate users of the Institute’s IT resources are unacceptable. Individuals should not use MIT facilities to interfere with or alter the integrity of any IT resources, irrespective of their location.