Getting Help

Where do I go for help?

Direct all questions to OVC Desktop Support for assistance. However, as appropriate, questions may be redirected by us to other agencies to better assist you.

OVC Desktop Support is responsible for the basic configuration of your computer’s Operating System and the appropriate installation of the Standard Software Suite.

In general, you should contact OVC Desktop Support if something is broken or an application crashes.

OVC Desktop Support email:

Typical problems resolved by OVC Desktop Support

  • Printing Problems
  • Escalation of Network problems
  • Problems with the Operating System, or questions about Operating System upgrades.
  • Appropriate installation and configuration of the Standard Software Suite
  • Email configuration
  • Repair requests for Computers and Printers deployed by OVC Desktop Support
  • Standard hardware purchases
  • Some common (though not standard suite) software acquisitions. These would be charged to your department.

Typical questions OVC Desktop Support would assist with are:

  • I can’t send (or receive) emails.
  • My computer keeps freezing on me.
  • My battery is dying.
  • I can’t bring up any web pages.
  • I can’t print.
  • My monitor, computer, keyboard, mouse is broken.
  • Our department needs to purchase a new computer (printer).

Non-Standard Software

Each department is responsible for the support of any non-standard software. Contact your Department IT Liaison about support for software not included in the list of the Standard Software Suite.

Server Support (For servers housed by IS&T)

A number of OVC/DSL offices have servers that are under the care of IS&T. First check with your Department IT Liaison about problems you are having with your server. This would include questions about setting up new users to access these servers and drive mappings. If you need further assistance, send email to and we will direct your issue to the appropriate point of contact.

Non-Standard Hardware (e.g. non-standard printers, scanners, PDAs)

Each department is responsible for the support of any non-standard hardware. Contact your Department IT Liaison about any non-standard hardware issues.

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