Laptop Care and Policies

OVC/DSL Laptop Requirements (in brief)

  • Laptops are REQUIRED to have a STOP! Security Tag affixed to the cover of the laptop.
  • Laptops are REQUIRED to have a Security Cable
  • Laptops are REQUIRED to have BitLocker (PCs) or FileVault (Macs) encryption installed.
  • Only MIT business should be conducted on MIT computers.
  • Laptops are provided to staff who require the need for mobility due to their position.
  • Staff with laptops have an additional responsibility for their care and protection, including physical security.
  • Users may not create accounts for others to use the laptop.

Laptop Care

Laptops are the property of MIT/OVC/DSL. During the time a laptop has been provided to you, you are responsible for its care.

  • A carrying case has been provided for each laptop and should be used to protect the equipment.
  • Staff may not “personalize” a OVC/DSL laptop with stickers etc. This is MIT property. Stickers, etc. only serve to devaluate the machine for asset disposition.
  • Only repairs associated with normal wear and tear are covered by the laptop warranty or by OVC Desktop Support.
  • Repairs required due to negligence or misuse/abuse (as determined by either PC Service or OVC Desktop Support) will be charged to your department.
  • The need for repairs should be brought to the attention of OVC Desktop Support in a timely manner. The laptop should be made available as soon as possible for OVC Desktop Support to facilitate repairs with PC Service.