When an Employee Starts

OVC Desktop Support would appreciate being informed as soon as possible of any new staff hiring. There are often some questions that arise when a new employee starts.

  • Is the new employee replacing someone else? If so, then the computer used by the previous person should be redeployed to the new employee. We don’t purchase a new computer just because the employee is new unless the machine was up for renewal at the time.
  • If there is a request for a different platform (Mac or PC) or a different model (desktop or laptop) the department needs to review their current inventory first to see if this can be accommodated. If not, contact Donyatta Small to see if another arrangement may be made.
  • If the new employee is a new/addition to the department headcount, then an addition to the department’s computer inventory may be necessary. Any additions to the department inventory are charged at Full-Cost.

As soon as a new employee has been identified, please send the following information to OVC Desktop Support via compu-squad@mit.edu.

  • First and Last Name
  • Bldg-Rm Location
  • Start Date:
  • MIT Tag #: of the machine the individual will be assigned. (Please, do not send us the name of the previous person who used the computer or the hostname of the computer. Only send the MIT Tag #.)
  • KerberosID: – If you don’t have the KerbID at first, you can add it to the case later. However, we need this information to set up the computer for the individual.

If you have any questions, please contact compu-squad@mit.edu.