Using the MIT VPN

Connecting to MITNet from Off-Campus Using MIT VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Effective May 30, 2013 MIT will begin to implement firewalls around various MIT Enterprise Applications such as the MITSIS, SAP, Brio-Query and the Data Warehouse. As a result, these applications will only be accessible from off-campus via the use of MIT VPN (Virtual Private Network). You should also use the MIT VPN if you are connecting to a fileserver on campus.

Who needs to use MIT VPN?

You will need to use the MIT VPN If you want to connect from off-campus, or from your home computer to:

  • PowerFAIDS
  • Brio-Query
  • SAP
  • Data Warehouse
  • MIT Fileservers
  • Self Service (app and system updates)
  • Software Center (app and system updates)

Note: An MIT VPN connection is not necessary for Email, Calendaring, or publicly viewable MIT Websites.

The MIT VPN is accessible via Cisco’s AnyConnect VPN, a VPN client that works on a wide variety of operating systems and hardware configurations

Cisco’s AnyConnect is already installed on all OVC/DSL Laptops.

If you wish to connect to any of the applications or services listed above from a non-MIT/home computer, you need to install Cisco AnyConnect VPN on your computer.

Where to obtain Cisco AnyConnect VPN

Cisco AnyConnect VPN is available via the MIT IS&T Software Grid: Cisco AnyConnect VPN

Instructions for installing and using Cisco AnyConnect VPN can be found here: