Planning a Move?

OVC Desktop Support has had a great deal of experience moving OVC/DS staff over the years, and will help assist with OVC/DSL Offices with moves for supported computers and printers.

Contact a member of the Team in advance of your move.

Please consider some of the following when planning moves:

  • Plan for sufficient electrical outlets and distances between both electrical outlets and current jacks. 15″ Ethernet cords are the recommended standard. No wires should ever cross walk/pathways.
  • Desks, File Cabinets, etc. should be placed in a manner which makes jacks and outlets accessible.
  • OVC/DS staff are not responsible for moving file cabinets or desks.
  • Cubicile Reconfigurations need special attention for both electrical and telecom/network installations.
  • Moving computers & printers from one building to another requires an IP Address change. OVC/DS will coordinate this for you. We need to give IS&T 24-48 hours notice.

OVC/DS Move Activities

  • A member of OVC/DS will work with the Department IT Liaison to assist in coordinating the move.
  • Assist in determining the correct number and location of jacks necessary for computers and printers.
  • Provide staff with plastic computer bags for moving.
  • OVC/DS will coordinate IP Address changes, as necessary.
  • On moving day, when items have been moved and ready for setup, OVC/DS staff will arrive and re-assemble the computers and printers, enter new IP Addresses as needed, and make sure all are successfully connected to MITNet.

Department Responsibilities

  • Coordinate new phone jacks and phone moves and/or changes.
  • Provide an account number for any associated costs necessary for new jacks and/or Ethernet activations.
  • Department individuals are responsible for disassembling computers and printers to prepare for moving.
  • Staff will be provided with plastic keyboard bags. These bags should be used for their keyboard, mouse, Ethernet cable, power cord, and/or any other associated wires/cords that go with their computer. Computer, Monitor, and Keyboard bag should be appropriately labeled for name and location. Please DO NOT pack any of the computer or printer accessories. Use the plastic keyboard bags, appropriately labeled for moving.
  • OVC Desktop Support Staff will arrive after desks and computers have arrived to setup the computers, and reconfigure them, as needed, with new IP addresses.