IP Addresses & Ethernet Activations

We would recommend OVC/DSL IT Liaisons contact OVC/DS if they are considering the need for IP Addresses, Ethernet Activations, or Jacks installed for phones and computers.

IP Addresses

OVC/DS will register all OVC/DSL administrative computers and printers for IP Addresses. IP addresses are no longer billed on a per IP billing. IP Addresses are now part of a department’s bulk Tel-Data Charges based on the headcount of the department.

Department IT Liaison will be listed as the main contact for IP Addresses. If IS&T deems it necessary to contact someone about a problem with the IP Address, they will use this name as the contact.

Ethernet Activations

OVC/DS will assist in facilitate ethernet activations for OVC/DSL departments for Administrative Computing purposes. Associated costs will be charged to your department.

New Phone/Data Jacks

Requests for New Jacks to be installed should be coordinated by a member of your department. This involves providing TeleComm with a floorplan and where the jack is to be located.

Note: IP Addresses & ethernet activations required for purposes other than administrative computing, need to be requested by a department representative. Some examples of this might be: ethernet/ip for alarms or card access systems.